Be an Energy Champion!

We encourage all professionals to become Energy Champions and make a difference to the environment. Corporate goals can be met with Energy GREEN Teams formed in every organization that supports the energy efficiency program and led by a leader as an Energy Champion.

An "Energy Champion" is needed to develop the plan, obtain approval to proceed, build the team across the organization, manage the implementations and track the savings. He has to work closely with the Consultant and Service Provider.

All professionals who manage business, industry and properties and have passion for protecting the environment can play this role. We work as Team Players with the Energy Champions and few Utilities to make the energy efficiency program a great success:

Facilities Managers and Chief Engineers - who need to know the where, when, how, and why energy is used. Their daily objective is to eliminate breakdowns and avoid having to spend beyond the budget. With tight resources it's tough to do all the maintenance and operations that's needed. A long-term energy management strategy (not "a project here, a project there") offers the means to deliver lower and lower costs, year after year as we achieved at the plant of Broan NuTone. But working out those savings requires a deep understanding of what makes up the total monthly consumption and the saving methods and technologies available.

CF0s who want to improve the business bottom line have to be sure that energy costs have been optimized. Energy costs are not ‘overhead’, ‘fixed’, or ‘uncontrollable’. They are an expense that directly contributes to meeting the business objectives. Introducing zero-based budgeting, accountability, and best-practice energy accounting, are proven success strategies. The return (ROI) on energy management initiatives is typically 30% to 120%. With these attractive paybacks, the right question is why should we delay the energy efficiency projects and continue to make the utility company our favorite charity?

CEOs and COMPANY DIRECTORS - who know that energy management excellence is part of the business process and will be reflected in their stock price. Rising concerns about climate change and the damage from burning fossil fuels is placing a firm's energy use under more intense scrutiny. Energy consumption is also one critical factor that may be subjected to scrutiny by institutional investors and corporate social responsibility (CSR) analysts in the future. They need to know whether energy cost is a major or minor expense and it is being managed to the highest possible standards. Ontario joins Quebec and California in the Western Climate Initiative (WCI), a carbon market for tradable emission allowances. CEOs will be responsible to handle and plan the Carbon Tax on business.

Micro managing expenses those are well understood, while ignoring significant and persistent over use of energy is not the signs of well run companies. The philosophy of Power $aving Systems Inc. is to identify clients‘ requirements and to provide services that complement their vision. Comprehensive services are provided to manage and drive energy management from program inception, through conceptual planning, detailed design of technical equipment, creating awareness and building a culture of conservation among the employees, financial analysis, and management of the client's on-going energy management function of monitoring and tracking the consumption. Procurement, installation and commissioning of any new equipment or systems are part of the project management services.