Strategy & Benefits

Our strategy is to take the client through the 6-Steps Pathway to Power $aving. We offer a full range of the best-in-class energy conservation and power quality improvement measures addressing all the major load groups in a typical facility (equipment motors, lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, air compressors etc.).

We prepare Short & Long Term Energy Efficiency Plan and our customers generally realize annual savings of 20% to 40% on their electric bills with paybacks and ROI that justifies the investment. Our experience in putting together the Hydro incentive applications in engineered and customized track that funds the projects is the strategy for the success of the project.

The benefits are that we provide turnkey, fixed price project implementation, and we offer a savings guarantee. We also provide ongoing Measurement & Verification services to make sure our solutions deliver the savings we’ve promised. We bring People and Technologies to work together and help form Green Teams with an Energy Champion to lead the client’s internal team.

Our Strategy for success rests on offering good proven technologies with Organizational Change in appreciating the need to bring the carbon footprint down and the behavioral change of the employees with keen participation in the program as members of the Green Team.

Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our satisfied customers.