Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing sector is accounted for high amount of energy. As per Statistics Canada, the total energy consumed by manufacturing establishments has risen by about 5% since 2009 and this is due to the use of inefficient electrical and mechanical equipment. It is very important to understand for any plant manager, building owner about the energy usage in their facilities and how much they are paying for it.

Our 6-Steps Pathway to Power $aving has been proven to be the best strategy to go ahead with the retrofit measures that are backed by a detailed engineered energy analysis, ROI and payback period. All our retrofit projects are solely paid by the savings. We have done numerous such projects all over the GTA. One of the exemplary projects is Broan-Nutone Canada, where we helped bring down the annual energy consumption from 2.6 million kWh to 1.3 million kWh.

Some of our Projects:

6781 Columbus Rd, Mississauga

35 Leading Rd, Toronto

153 Bridge Street Sackville, New Brunswick