Power $aving Systems Inc. is a technology oriented company that has developed unique methods that help "turn the wasted energy into dollars". A full facility turnkey approach evaluates/inspects every single energy load in the facility and provide saving solutions in Lighting, Motors, Compressors, HVAC Systems, Boilers, Real-Time Occupancy, Building Automation Systems, Building Envelope, Insulations etc.

The Energy Audit includes detailed analysis of energy bill costs, load, consumption and history, explanations on how those costs are created by different types of load segments; report on overall connected energy load by type of equipment, specific statement of the work we recommend to be performed, technology details, financial costs, payback period, tax savings, R.O.I. and guaranteed savings. The service includes project management and installation of energy conditioning systems and devices that help save. This follows orienting people towards savings with workshops and group participation that builds a culture of conservation in the corporation.

The demand for energy efficiency services is on the increase with greater awareness to reduce the carbon footprint and the rising cost of energy that hits all business bottom line. Power $aving Systems Inc. has the competitive edge due to its wide range of services, proven technologies and partnerships with some of the leading manufacturing companies.

The Company was among the top Certified Service Providers when the Energy Efficiency Programs were first launched by Natural Resources Canada across the country helping both commercial and industrial sectors. Today we enjoy high reputation for our services with Utilities across the GTA as we bring new ideas and technologies that help reduce energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We have been one of the most successful Service Providers to the Small Business Lighting Program during the last 7 years.

You are invited to set up an appointment with our Consultants @ 416 871 1718 to know more details on the wide array of time-proven technologies and patented products we use from leading manufacturers in Europe, USA and Canada. Our knowledge in applying these energy saving devices and power quality treatments in a cost effective manner is perhaps more valuable than the technologies themselves.

Article from The Weekly Voice