Company Profile

Power $aving Systems Inc. offers unique and patented products; methods and philosophy that lowers energy costs and upgrades the facility. Our technology approach and services include:

Free-of-cost no obligation walk-through of the site and report the guaranteed saving opportunities.

Perform an in-depth site energy audit, analyse utility bills, do a computer simulation, engineering designs to present the energy efficiency action plan with technical information on measures with back up of financial analysis like pay back period and return on investment (ROI).

Project Management of the retrofit installations at site, post-installation service, product warranties and savings guarantee by performing ongoing verification, tracking and monitoring of performance.

Provide lease/financing for the projects where guaranteed savings exceed the monthly lease payments. This innovative program provides a PROFIT or positive cash flow from month-one.

Our technology and recommended products help improve the quality of the electrical power supply to the facility's equipment and fixtures and accomplishes several important saving goals as under:

  • Lowers energy costs in kilowatt hours and demand charges
  • Increases electrical capacity in the distribution system of the facility
  • Eliminates power factor billing penalties
  • Improves the service life of equipment and fixtures with better performance
  • Lowers energy cost and greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming

We reduce or eliminate reactive current, distortion current & voltage, voltage spikes & transients, voltage drops from the entire facility and cancel any harmonic current. We offer a complete and comprehensive energy analysis of your current situation and load profile.

We retrofit all kinds of outdated lighting systems with latest energy efficiency lighting designs having 30% or more savings and improved quality of light. We install lighting controllers, occupancy motion sensors, room energy efficiency systems and building automation systems designed to your specific operations. We also conserve natural gas through efficient combustion that increases the flame temperatures in furnaces, water heaters, boilers, unit heaters, ovens and commercial dryers by applying magnetic treatment and installing Eddy Draft Regulator that slows the velocity of the hot flue gases and producing a turbulating effect.

Power Saving Systems Inc. has a team of professional engineers who are assisting the industry to lower the energy costs, and making the systems run more efficient. We look into the complete building envelope, insulations, windows, boilers, furnaces, electrical and HVAC systems to cut on the monthly energy bills. We create an awareness program, conduct workshops and train people to create a “culture of conservation”. Power Saving Systems Inc. is dedicated to expand global commitment to energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Because of our initiative of “better power at less cost”, the Clients are becoming more aware and we have offered cost-saving energy management solutions that make workplace more productive. We are proud of our growing list of satisfied customers.

There is no better time than now to take action against the rising energy costs, which are affecting the bottom line of all business. Start your $avings today!